African genital herpes strains are even more infectious than the U.

In evolutionary terms, the herpes viruses are very old. They have honed their talents to become efficient parasites in human beings, often persisting for decades while causing limited or no disease symptoms-although they could be deadly in immunocompromised individuals and in newborns. The herpes simplex virus that causes ordinary frosty sores, herpes simplex 1, exists in about 70 % of the U.S. Population. These stealthy infections conceal in nerve cells but can emerge again and again, prompting repeated cold sore outbreaks.Common Dental Problem #3# 3: Stained Teeth A diet rich in foods and beverages that contain dark pigments, tannins and dyes can leave your smile searching dulled and discolored after a long time of repeated exposure. Smoking, chewing tobacco and even certain medications can also darken your dental enamel. The good thing is there are many methods one can take to improving the appearance of your smile, but prevention may be the most important. Don’t smoke, maintain great oral hygiene and try to minimize the amount of dark sodas, coffee and beverages you consume and you should have the ability to preserve your gorgeous white, healthful smile, says one oral implant surgeon in Pueblo. If the damage has already been done, a specialist teeth whitening treatment provides a quick, simple and inexpensive way you can totally revolutionize the appearance of your smile.