Advanced CT scanner enables speedy organ imaging.

UT Southwestern doctors also anticipate the Aquilion One gadget will be useful in many of the medical center’s unique research projects. For example, the capability to move backward and forward in time through the images may help researchers to visualize better the effects of tissue damage or vascular flow. ‘This has the potential to impact the daily medicine we currently practice and help us determine future medical pathways,’ Dr. Evans stated. ‘UT Southwestern is usually fortunate to have medical experts and forward-looking researchers who will really be the types to determine its best uses.Study Protocol The study was performed in accordance with the updated Declaration of Helsinki, and all patients provided written informed consent. Both randomizations had been performed centrally at the info center of the European Mantle Cell Lymphoma Network or at the info middle of the Hemato-Oncology Base for Adults in holland and had been stratified according to review group, age group, and the International Prognostic Index12 risk profile.