According to the United States Department of Agriculture.

The study of what American consumers would likely do if highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza in poultry concentrated concentrated in the United States. According to the United States Department of Agriculture , in such a scenario, The chance of infected poultry or eggs to the food chain would be extremely low because of the rapid onset of symptoms in poultry as well as arrangements, which include testing of flocks and Federal. Checkers in addition, the USDA says, Cooking poultry, eggs and other poultry products to the proper temperature and preventing cross-contamination between raw and cooked food is the key to safety.

‘Indeed , the USDA estimates that have the per capita consumption of chicken meat in the United States more than. Loss of confidence in the safety of poultry would likely result in an increase in the prices of alternative sources of animal protein due to increased consumer demand for compensation for poultry products. ‘As a result, the cost of feeding the average American family were likely to increase. ‘.

Hallman points out that U.S. Farming methods for raising poultry drastically reduce the risk of an outbreak of avian flu in our food. Our poultry is generally managed within strictly controlled environments, he said. The poultry industry is well aware of the dangers of bird flu and works closely with the USDA prevent an outbreak precautions to prevent an outbreak.To reference studies, which mutant flying living no functional ‘time ‘gene is simply about the length normal flies, except where they were accentuated. In experiments, explorer cause a mild metabolic stress – an increased content of reactive oxygen species for 24 hours – by the fly different times , which equivalent its young, middle age and old age. No significant changes to the young flies. But middle-aged and elder tickets began to significant damage.

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