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According to the Reporter :: ‘. In six of seven patients in whom WBRT could be avoided observed no long-term neurotoxicity, and all patients have an excellent quality of life’.

A great opportunity AstraZeneca Enter Agreement to new treatments, identifying, for diseases of the central nervous systemPsychoGenics Inc. And AstraZeneca have completed a drug discovery and development agreement to produce compounds that will probably be useful for the treatment of certain central nervous system disease.The research produce more other findings, Tessier told , including reliable methods for generating the modalities Tessier team produced and formation of an array that had been previously unknown.

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This is not clear that resveratrol is able to overcome the blood – brain barrier, Tessier said. However, the molecule is has garnered interest in the last years for his potential impact on aging and cancer. In her research, Tessier and his co-authors generate O peptide combined in five unique isoforms, or arrangements wrapped. In their experiments, three of them rules was poisonous for are human cells were not.