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After publication of the dossier assessment, the G-BA conducts a commenting method and makes your final decision on the degree of the added benefit.. Added benefit of lurasidone drug not proven for schizophrenia The medication lurasidone has been available since November 2014 for the treating adults with schizophrenia. The German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in HEALTHCARE examined in a dossier evaluation whether this new drug offers an added benefit over the appropriate comparator therapy. According to the findings, an extra benefit isn’t proven: It is uncertain both in the severe treatment and in preventing relapse if the effect lurasidone is wearing the symptoms of schizophrenia is really as great as that of the appropriate comparator therapies.Determine tangible goals like having the ability to run for 400m in just a minute, or having the ability to perform 25 pushups. Goals should be more particular than something like gaining more muscle mass. Technique 3: Record Your Progress With each day’s workout you ought to be getting faster, more powerful and fitter. Keeping a log of your workout routines and progress is an excellent way to stay motivated to continue training. Record all the basics like the body measurements and weight. Along with these stats additionally, you will want to keep an eye on things like just how many reps you do for each exercise as well as the how much weight you are lifting. You can even jot down how fast you perform each exercise routine. After a few exercises you can look back again and see your progress in black and white.