According to Duke researchers who compared aerobic training.

However, recent recommendations have suggested that resistance training, which includes lifting weights to build and maintain muscle mass, may also help with weight loss by raising a person's resting metabolic rate. Research has demonstrated health advantages for resistance schooling, such as enhancing glucose control, but studies on the consequences of weight training on extra fat mass have been inconclusive. Considering that approximately two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight due to excess body fat, you want to offer obvious, evidence-based exercise recommendations that will assist people lose pounds and body fat truly, stated Leslie H. Willis, MS, a fitness physiologist at Duke Medication and the study's lead author.For elderly patients, he added, transportation can be an obstacle. Right now, cardiac rehab programs are run in hospitals, or neighborhood centers sometimes. Both O’Gara and Doll said that home-based programs can offer a potential alternative. Studies have been looking at the consequences of home programs – – which can be done with the help of smartphones – – and selecting positive results, according to O’Gara. In real life, though, home-based rehab is not available widely, Doll said. When it is Even, he added, doctors aren’t always aware the programs exist, and costs to patients may be higher weighed against traditional cardiac rehab.