About 40 million of these are performed in the U.

3D mammogram newest weapon against breast cancer Mammograms are already one of the most important tools in the fight against breast cancer. About 40 million of these are performed in the U.S click here . Each full year, detecting between 80 and 90 % of most breast cancers. Now, there exists a new advance. On Mon A woman in Boston became the first American to have a mammogram using 3D technology. CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton reviews that the brand new 3D technology can help doctors more accurately detect and diagnose breast cancer. Five years ago, it took several mammograms and weeks of waiting around before Laura Lang was identified as having breast cancer at age 50.

Mammography could also miss tumors measuring significantly less than 2 cm in diameter; however, a tumor could be felt manually once it reaches 1 cm in size through appropriate self-examination. For this good reason, many medical specialists believe that self-examination is the most reliable, safest, and most affordable method of detecting early stages of breast tumor. Safer methods of breast malignancy screening have become available, such as for example thermography, which uses infrared high temperature emissions to detect tumor, rather than radiation. Should one have a verified case of breast tumor, it becomes quite crucial to avoid all the daily behaviors that cause cancer development, and to incorporate a clean and plant based diet that is filled with anti-cancer nutrients and properties.