A process important in transforming new remembrances into long-term ones.

These findings suggest that some of the storage impairment experienced during maturing could involve a reduction in the automatic procedure for experience replay, said Michael Hasselmo, DPhil, at Boston University, a specialist unaffiliated with the scholarly study. Animals with an increase of faithful rest replay also performed better on memory tests. The experts tested the same 22 rats on a spatial storage and learning task. Consistent with previous research, the young rats recalled the answer to the spatial task faster and even more accurately compared to the older rats. In the older group, the researchers found that the very best performers in the spatial memory task were also the ones that showed the best sleep replay.Government’s new prescription drug benefit begins next year a group of drugs typically used to treat anxiety, seizures and insomnia will never be included. This will mean that those elderly and disabled people on Medicare who take Xanax, Valium, Atvian and other types of the medication, benzodiazepine, will have to find other means of coverage or switch to a different, less addictive medication.7 million low-income, elderly people who take the medication finding other alternatives may not be that easy. Although they’ll be enrolled in the brand new prescription drug plan automatically, they will be determined by the states to keep paying for their benzodiazepines but there is absolutely no guarantee that may happen.