A Massachusetts-based biopharmaceutical company.

If successful, it might yield the first medication product for diagnosed recently, localized prostate cancers. Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of death in American males. The American Cancer Society estimates there have been approximately 220,000 new prostate tumor diagnoses this year 2010. And, although most patients shall live at least 5 years after analysis, each full 12 months over 60,000 males develop recurrence of the malignancy and 32,000 die of their disease. The SPA and initiation of the pivotal study are aimed at addressing a crucial unmet medical need, stated Dr. Estuardo Aguilar-Cordova, CEO and Founder of Advantagene. If effective, ProstAtak will be the first-ever item to vaccinate against the recurrence of a tumor, in cases like this prostate cancer.He also fears for the sufferers and taxes payers with this system since Victoria has one the most efficient health care systems. According to these rules relating to him Victorian hospitals would receive $1.5 billion significantly less than NSW due to the efficiency in 2011-12. We suggest you inquire the Commonwealth give Victoria yet another $1. The Prime Minister plans to talk to the Premiers on this in the wake of the 19th April COAG conference and urges them to support the Government’s 60 percent takeover of hospitals. Mr. Brumby has fulfilled with the Primary Minister on more than one occasion to discuss this problem but says it will take more to convince him to consent to this deal.

African Americans more at risk of kidney disease The National Kidney Disease Education Plan today began its first national effort to call attention to the seriousness of kidney disease and the importance of testing those at risky, particularly African Americans, an organization hit especially hard.