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Adamas Pharmaceuticals presents research results of TCAD therapy in immunocompromised influenza A patients Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a held company privately, announced today the results from the first clinical study evaluating triple mixture antiviral medication therapy for the treatment of influenza A in immunocompromised patients. Janet Englund in a medical symposium at the 23rd International Meeting on Antiviral Analysis in San Francisco. This pilot research was an important first step in validating that the mix of three antivirals can offer a virologic and clinical benefit to sufferers at risk for complications of influenza, stated Janet Englund, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Seattle Children’s Medical center and Clinical Associate, Fred Hutchinson Malignancy Research Middle, Seattle, Washington.The eye experienced bruised and the discomfort was worse with reading. She wore contact lenses on weekends only, and she believed her glasses were leading to glare when she was focusing on a pc or driving during the night. On questioning, the patient reported that the attention had been intermittently reddish over the previous wintertime since a flu infections but was not painful previously. She had a history of oral cool sores each summer, and the prior spring she have been excluded from contact lens wear by her optometrist because of a herpes dendrite on her right cornea.

4 key takeaways for faster, cheaper, more responsive study in healthcare settings Thousands of studies happen every year in healthcare settings. A report published recently in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine describes how to do many of these studies quicker.