3 The following are examples of the kind of service that can be detected.

3 The following are examples of the kind of service that can be detected.a) a significant contribution either on local or national developments, which can be rolled to other emergency services;b) success in organizing NHS Ambulance Services with particular difficulty; – commitment c) beyond the call of duty when dealing with large, heavy or dangerous malfunctions which make exceptional and sustained demands on staff Such incidents were victims several crash in terrible accidents, train and plane, terrorism, public disorder and large complex fires, for example, include chemicals and explosives;.

Made outstanding contributionsal for Ambulance Services, EnglandHealth Secretary Andy Burnham , a new medal to honor NHS emergency services in advance of the 70th To reveal the 999 – anniversary service. The new honor is be conferred by the Queen and is similar to the queen of police and firefighters Medals that already exist. – Andy Burnham said:.

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